Winter is coming: Pictures from Finland

I meant to illustrate the previous post (about a choose-yourself sauna visit) with a couple of pictures I took when visiting my Great Old Ones a week ago, but then noticed a few things:

  1. The post is about a summertime visit, and the pictures show mind- and feet-numbing amounts of snow.
  2. The pictures taken without a flash were blurry.
  3. The pictures taken with a flash were rather unfortunate in other ways — probably because my camera-handling is limited to the basic military skill of ‘you points, you squeezes the trigger, you asks no questions’.

So, rather than bullying you (whoever you are) with those, here are a couple of generic winter-start shots from mid-Finland, the sweet and beautiful place where I was born, and where I always return. (To break the poetic mood: click the pictures to see them bigger.)

Sunset in Finland, 17.11.2007


Finnish Forest, 17.11.2007


Trees and Snow in Finland, 17.11.2007


Sauna in Snow, 17.11.2007

And what do you know, the last one even shows a sauna!

All of a sudden I wish I was out of the city and back there. Oh well.

Edit (9th April 2008): This later post has more wintery pictures.

* * *

(By the way, the NaNoWriMo novel ‘2050 : A University’s End’ is at 37 950 words of 50 000, and has been possessed by a sinister storybook character, a reverse ex-student Santa, and a lot of gun-waving and PR lying. I have only a good guess of where the story’s going, and no idea on how it’s going to end. Oh well, it’s Writing: the only stuff on Earth that hurts like rectal cancer and has you coming back for more!)

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    gr8 resrch bro…

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