Personal genesis

Filed under bad poetry. One of my sub-Saganic fits, caused by a passing remark by Phil Plait about the star-spawned “iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones”. (The post is titled “Betelgeuse shocker”, which for some reason totally sounds like a very, very dirty sexual practice of some sort.)

I call this little artless, formless poem o’ mine “Personal genesis”, because it’s a sort of a scientific creation story. And it of course has a little atheist barb at the tail of it.

* * *

I was born out of nothing, out of nothing at all
From a flash, from the start of starts I came,
Long before thought, long before my likeness and name.

I was a froth of particles, a soup of hydrogen and helium,
I was a collapsing cosmos, an immense crushing pressure,
The corresponding heat, terrible expanding flare and flame.

In the push of gravity and the pull of nuclear fire I changed,
With the burning of curious things my parts were transmuted,
Out of hydrogen helium, carbon, neon, oxygen, silicon, iron —
And with the terrible finality of iron, all breaks apart.

I was a collapsing cosmos, again, a swirling cloud of stuff,
I was a cloud of carbon and iron, oxygen and other things of stars,
Drifting in a cloud, a disk, a slowly coalescing planetoid.

There was fire from within and fierce fire from the skies,
Falling ash and falling rain, rising volcanic flame and rising steam,
There were growling pools and odd things that stick together,
And with the passing of eons, something evolving came to be.

There was a rising, falling, changing cloud of living things,
Born and killing, eating and breeding and dying, ever evolving,
And then one day, out of the stuff of life, I came to be.

Corn I ate, corn out of the dust of the earth, dust of the stars,
Corn and rye fed by the endless fires of heaven, waters of earth,
And this dust became a part of me, and I grew collapsing upwards:
Iron my blood, calcium my bones, a cloud of hydrogen and oxygen:
I am nothing but star-stuff arranged by the careful laws of nature.

I was born out of nothing, lived in particles, stars, and stars again,
Until those fires made the atoms that would be me and died;
Out of a line of animals, a line of purposeless things, I came —
And when I go, I will be parts for some who is yet to come.

The calcium of my bones shook the earth in a dinosaur of old,
The iron of my blood will be a machine of dire beauty and charm;
I can trace my dust to the start of time, and I live knowing this:
I am immortal, I shall never die, I am greater than any God of yours.

One Response to “Personal genesis”

  1. swiftset Says:

    Wow, that’s good poetry. not bad at all.

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