An ontological application

Imagine the most perfect thing, the sublimest, greatest thing of all.

That’s God, right?

Now, which is more perfect: that God existing in just your cramped little mind, or that most perfect God really existing in reality?

Right, the latter! Hence God metaphorically springs to existence, to quote a vile pagan myth, from your very forehead!

Now, which God is greater and more perfect: that which, with perfect foresight, allows Adolf Hitler to live to full fruit of manhood and perform his hideous crimes, or one which quietly strangles him in his cradle?

Again, obviously, the latter one is more perfect.

And since this God whose existence we have proven is the most perfect thing of all, we thus have proven that Adolf Hitler died in his cradle.

The ontological argument — saving you from Hitler since the 11th century!

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