Highlights of Easter

Spent with brothers and parents.

Lots of Futurama. Though this opinion is mightily heretical, I think Futurama is better than Simpsons. Better than the first few seasons of Simpsons, even.

Some of Hauskimmat Kotivideot, a Finnish program based on the content of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but with an announcer guy that is actually funny. The occasionally included original Finnish videos are, of course, unfunny beyond belief — a nation of 5 million dour ones cannot compete with 300 million fame-bound hopefuls!

Sauna every single night. The old, wood-burning, soot-blackened, forest-edge, haul-water, candle-lit, heaven-like kind. (Actually, one of those — we’re not rich, but my father has this weird building hobby.) I will resist commenting on the fact that this experience, the most delightful physical one to Finns — that can be talked of in mixed company, that is — is one of darkness with flickering lights, extreme heat, the hiss of heated stones and irons, and groans of dubious nature as the billowing clouds of steam rise. Clearly, no Finnish theologian was among those that decided on the nature of Hell.

Also, since the habit of the Family is this, thus pizza every night. What used to be a stopgap measure against us kids moaning for the Italian treat every evening — “pizza only on sauna days” — has, thus, turned into a constant orgy of pepperoni now that we visit only now and then, and thus when doing so have a serious sauna deficit.

Related to sauna-bathing, the pass-time of the Word Game — usually “say X that starts with the letter the previous one ended with” — easy with Finnish first names, slightly more demanding with nations. (As US states don’t count, the letter O is a tough one. Eventually it was “okay, starts with either of the two letters the previous ended with…”) Never played with “cities of Japan”, no matter how much I tried to tell my brothers it would be exceedingly awesome.

Related to the Word Game, an epic bout of the Association Game (“blurt out the first word the previous one made you think about”); as it was us three boys playing this, the most recurring word seemed to be “boobies”. Also, we somehow got from “the Pope” to “happiness!” with three steps; we are scarily random folks. (Now that I think about it, it might have been the Pope — boobies — happiness. As I said, scarily random folks. Much fun was had, anyway.)

Religious observances: nil. I fear the burning-at-the-cross of the Easter Bunny (pbuh) was not much remembered around here.

Also Uno, Trivial Pursuit, Citadels, and other games. Lots of lazying about, some eating, and so on. Not much else. I say that if you stress over how you spend your free time, you’re, in Internet lingo, DOING IT RONG.

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