Woo-nderful news from Finland!

Hrm, okay. Since I can’t find a source in English, I’ll translate the news in Helsingin Sanomat (Finland’s biggest newspaper) and Yle (the “Finnish BBC”) as well as I can, all the while dancing an obscene little jig of glee.

Yle title: “Alternative treatments to be limited by a law“; HS title: “Working group proposes strict limits for alternative treatments“; what follows is an amalgamation of the facts in the two articles.

A working group set by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has given its recommendation to Minister Paula Risikko; she is peruspalveluministeri or the Minister for Health and Social Services, or the second chair of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The recommendations given are that, first, only professional healthcare givers should be allowed to treat people that can’t give consent — the seriously retarded or insane, people like that. (Neither article says anything about children.)

Hypnosis should be practiced only by the said professional healthcare people.

The alternative health people should be let near those with serious illnesses and conditions — the examples given are cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, mental disorders and pregnancy — only with the co-presence and co-operation of a real doctor.

The purpose of this reform proposal: better patient safety. The Minister says freedom of choice is to be preserved, but especially vulnerable people must be protected.

The working group calls for a law about these matters, defining alternative treatments, their supervision and marketing, and some form of voluntary registration for the woo-mongers. (Not a word actually used in the article.)

The natural health people are shocked and dismayed, and make noises about people not being allowed to decide on their own treatments.

(Translator’s note: And of course you wouldn’t need to protect people from stuff that actually helped them, right? Dilute that 30 C and drink it!)

Edit, April 16: Yle has a version of the article in English now.

2 Responses to “Woo-nderful news from Finland!”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    Dilute that 30 C and drink it!
    It would, of course, help greatly if the stuff that caused most of the problems was diluted 30C.

    Hmmm. Homeopathic Kossu. I guess it doesn’t have to be sold in Alko either.

  2. artikel kesehatan Says:

    i hope my country will apply this rules, because there’s so many alternatife medicine in my country. this has bad effect for modern medicine.

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