Anime News Network tells that Rumiko Takahashi’s new manga will be called Rin-ne in English; Kyookai no Rinne in the original. (Well, it would probably be better as “o-bar”, or \bar{\textrm{o}}, not “oo” or even “ou”, but typography makes fools of us all.)

The premise —

The story will center on Sakura Mamiya, a girl who was able to see ghosts after a certain incident when she was young. One day, she gets a mysterious visitation.

— can become anything at all. These breathless commercials seem to usually tell nothing of what the actual manga is like; and the plots of manga series are usually things that make you seem like a busily hallucinating baboon if you try to accurately summarize them. I’m just hoping Rin-ne will be more like Ranma 1/2, which still is the best manga ever (it’s a little-known fact that I’m the person who decides this), and less like the endless running-in-place Inuyasha spectacle.

I remember arguing with my brother about this once: my position was that while Ranma and Inuyasha both had very little actual movement of the plot, this didn’t matter for Ranma since the premise “a comedy about the daily life of a magically sex-changing schoolboy” doesn’t need to move much: no-one expects the school to suddenly have a new principal, or the district of Nerima to suddenly fall into the Pacific. The characters just sit in place, try to live their lives, and then are attacked by an eel-crane-ox-yeti-octopus monster boy named Pantyhose. (An actual character.)

Now, Inuyasha with its basic plot of “an adventure of let’s collect the pieces of a magical thingamajic and resolve our differences with the evil baboon-demon!” gets a bit tiring sometimes with the inconsequential demon-of-the-week detours and the repetitive, ineffective encounters with the Big Bad Naraku. (“Okay, we fought with Naraku again. Inuyasha, did you kill him?” — “Nope.” — “Miroku, any closure with your family problem?” — “No.” — “Sango, any revenge? Or did you free your brother?” — “Nuh-nuh.” — “Shippou… wait, what do you want?” — “A sno-cone?” — “Did you get one?” — “No.” — “Aw, shucks. Hey, there comes Kouga again. I wonder if we can resolve anything with him?”)

Well, I still buy the Finnish translation of Inuyasha each month and I like it; I just wish it was better.

So, the sum total about Rin-ne: still too little information; thus this was a stupid post with very little to say; move along, move along.

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