They seemed almost human, redux

Remember the post about all the delightful comment-spam-wannabes I get?

Well, a new variation today:


I kno it has nothing to do with what you wrote, but have you ever heard of [web address redacted]. They seems to promise free ringtones

PS. Dont be an ass, this is NOT spam ;)

Well, well, well: self-denying spam.

And I don’t need a ringtone; already got a self-extracted snippet of a Bill Hicks CD with him imitating possession by Satan. (“Hurrrgh! Thank you for giving me a vehicle to enter!” etc.)

Whatever will the spammers think up next? (Reminds me of Charles Stross saying in one interview, jesting or not, that his next novel would be about the end of the war on spam — with the spammers having won, and demanding a seat on UN Security Council. He might just have been serious, given that a future work of his is tentatively titled 419, same as the Nigerian scam…)

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