Zounds, if thee need an absence indicat’d…!

More of the same useful academic verbiage: print and put this next to your door, then use a pin (or a finger-sized nail) to indicate the reason you cannot be reached.

* * *

  • Reigning on a throne of ivory
  • Imbibing the life-giving liquid of the Aethiops
  • Feasting on unsavory flesh
  • Feasting on a herbal stew of unspeakable origins
  • Engaged in pursuits not meant for the eyes of the living
  • Filling my seat in the eldrich circle of my peers among the masters of benighted lore
  • That is not dead which can for a while sleeping lie, etc.; the ends comes on ________

For those that prefer a more, em, subdued chart:

  • Toilet
  • Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Lunch (veget.)
  • Don’t disturb
  • Conference
  • Vacation

I shall not in any way indicate that the presence of the first item, and the hinted-at duration of that eventuality, follows from the third; for that is not the case.

No, it isn’t.

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