Rin-ne reading

After several days of swearing like a Turcoman, I finally found a way to read Rin-ne. You remember? Rumiko Takahashi’s new series, free and official in the net in English courtesy of Viz, if you happen to be in that 4.52% of the world population that call the US its home.

The methods to read Rin-ne if you’re elsewhere — well, I point you to this thread.

And what did I think? Well, looks like a mixture of Ranma and Inuyasha: not quite as comedic as the first, not quite as serious and dramatic as the second. Could go bad, could go well. I withhold judgment for now.

And no, I won’t make such a lengthy, noncommittal post about every new chapter — I just still can’t say which way Takahashi will dive with this.

Though in the unlikely event that I didn’t end up liking the result, the post-title “Rin-nah!” is inevitable.

It was weird reading Rin-ne, though; I’ve known all of Takahashi’s series for so long that having something all-new was a bit scary. (A note on one other series — the One-Pound Gospel. Recently bought the completed four volumes, and enjoyed it more than you would think, a sports-loathing atheist reading a manga about a boxer in love with a nun. Very sly and very enjoyable Rumiko, that. Recommended for a snack while waiting for more of the new.)

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