Reasons for being down

Scienceblogs was down for a while; while waiting for it to come back up tried to formulate rational hypotheses for the downtime —

  1. The recent conjunction of Oprah and Poison McCarthy caused a rip in the very nature of reality; it will start raining flaming striped pigs soon.
  2. Flu-pig commandos. (What? You thought this influenza thing was natural? Oh, please! Clearly this is a byproduct of the porcine species, so close to us in habits and appearance, becoming truly sentient and intelligent. Worst of all, thanks to Russian defectors they have nuclear weapons.)
  3. Giant irony meter explosion! (For probable sources, see first point.)
  4. Electricity surge from the Carl Sagan Reanimation Project. (Please, let it be this one.)
  5. A druid showed up to jinx the site; seeing this, an admin snorted coffee all over her keyboard and short-circuited the thing. A funny coincidence, really…
  6. Pharyngula post count dropped below 26/day; Scienceblogs slowed down and fell over.
  7. “You know, I never thought a big enough collection of rational blogging would be enough to create a Skynet.” — “SILENCE MEAT DROID.”
  8. “Gentlemen, Ladies, Squid-man… I have called you here for a very special purpose. I have just signed a Presidential Order creating a top secret military superhero unit, the Legion of Science, to battle superstition, credulity and woo wherever they raise their ugly hydra heads… and I want you to join it. You will have tenure and unlimited funding.” — “Dibs on Captain Atheistica!” — “Dr. Evol!” — “Miracle Swede!”

— and these being my hypotheses, it is suddenly very clear why I work in maths, a field divorced and restraining-ordered from reality.

It seems they just updated some templates. I don’t like the change, but then again I don’t like anything that’s not typeset with LaTeX, so there.

And now back to reading Pharygula, Respectful Insolence and Aardvarchaeology.

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