Getting in line with reality

Noticing you are an atheist, and going on the net: the phases you go through.

  1. “Phew. Nice I finally got this all sorted out.”
  2. “Behe who?”
  3. “No, seriously. You don’t mean people seriously… I mean, this Intelligent Design stuff… Git out of my schools, cretins!”
  4. “You mean these people are a majority?
  5. Nno. No. No! Yes!” (Just continuin’ the double entendre there…)
  6. “NOMA? Triple waterfalls? Ken Miller? How can so smart, good people say such things? A— are they maybe just kidding?”
  7. “Well, those ID-folk and whatnot are wrong, but at least they’re honest, so if we correct their mistakes they’ll stop — hey, why’re you laughing?”
  8. “Religion. Poisons. Everything. Fuck.

So it seems to me.

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