“The crotch, down where your nuts hang”

Saw from the WordPress control panel (…of Doom!) that an old post had gotten a hit; re-read it just for nostalgia, and doing so incidentally noticed a dead link.

Looking up the new one made me again think along these lines: “I still can’t quite believe that there is a recording of LBJ ordering pants, and that I am listening to it on the Internet. And that the title of this post is a direct quote from the 36th President of the United States.”

The world is a strange place, and the Internet is just a distillation of it. (And Johnson was a wonderful, terrible giant of a man.)

On other Lyndon Baines Johnson news (odd, the topics you end up writing about), Robert Caro says it will take at least three more years to finish the fourth and final volume of his LBJ biography. Like with GRRM and Rothfuss, I’m willing to wait for the good, good stuff. And, with Caro, it’s even better and more fantastic because it’s true.

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