Eurovision 2009: Still a disaster

As usually, it was terrible, and still terribly entertaining.

There were the usual plastic peace-and-brotherhood attempts to win (Israel), the I-will-win pieces (that, funnily enough, never do), the vast soaring boring ballads (I’m looking at you, Malta), and the shapely young hip-shaking faux-Shakiras (Turkey, I’m looking at you, and drooling).

And, naturally, and despite the tweaked voting system, the furious blind patriotism of various neighbors and minorities — but if I get into moaning how stupid it is to vote for a song based on just the singer’s (true or temporarily adopted) home country, this post will never end.

So: Norway won, with a piece I think dull, shapeless and uninspired. I shall not link to it, since I think everyone else writing about this subject will.

Then again, my country of Finland was dead last, so maybe I am not so inclined to charity as I would usually be.

(Still: charity, he repeated, watching the crowd gasp, leering evilly.)

I found two songs that were to my liking: First, Armenia’s eastern offerings, Inga and Anush with Jan Jan —

— and Estonia’s Urban Symphony with Rändajad, which being in Estonian was almost intelligible to a Finn, yet so elusive —

All the rest: well, meh.

In ending, may I just register my approval of the fact that things are now as they (until 2006) had always been: Finland dead last, griping and moaning, and enjoying every perverted second of it.

It’s our nature, you see.

(Those not satisfied with my picks above can either go to listen to Ukraine’s offering (if ye be a gynophile), or that of Germany, if handsome and over-the-top manflesh is more to yer liking.)

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