Re: Church of Google

A line from an ad seen elsewhere: “Google has blessed me with a $5000 a month at home job.”

While I can’t comment on the veracity of that claim, the word “blessed” is curious. Apparently awareness of Google’s divinity is spreading.

(The Church of Unicron is, however, still not founded — maybe one day I’ll be inspired to do that. Also, so that there’s no funny business, obviously such a Church would adhere to strict Furmanic Generation 1 US-over-UK comic continuity, and disregard all this cartoon nonsense and Beast Wars and Armadas and whatnot. And the 1986 movie (i.e. “The Apocalypse of Unicron-Welles”) is rank heresy, as it clearly disagrees with ch. 61–75 of the Gospel According to Simon Furman (pbuh). But that — and may Megatron bless us all with his tranquil presence and stomp on all the fleshlings, repeatedly — is work for some other day. I’m just reserving the spot of “Unicron Cultist #1 [squished by Starscream]” for myself in advance.)

(Well, one more thing: a fatwah on Michael Bay! That was not a Transformers movie, entertaining though it was! In a real Transformers movie, the only place for humans would be underfoot — literally. A movie with giant robots fighting a million-year-old civil war doesn’t need lovesick teenagers unless Megatron’s stepping on them.)

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