On naked pets

Came across a picture of a hairless cat, and this thought sprang up —

Are the animals kept as pets such because they have fur or hair or feathers? Or, to put it the other way, suppose a featherless parrot which, consequently, has its unmentionables hanging out in full view of both the pet-holder and his/her children.

Would that have been a barrier to the adoption of such an animal into general use as a pet? Would that have been a barrier if the animal had been useful before being reduced to that — cats caught rats, dogs kept watch. (But I think Sphynx cats are a product of recent, more, erm, emancipated times. Wouldn’t have happened with ole Queen Victoria, no. “A naked cat, Mr. Gladstone? We are not amused.”)

Or would the presence of such pets have led to the invention of pet clothing centuries earlier? “And then came a beggar, a stomped-on top hat half hiding his bulbous features; following him came a scrawny cat in what looked like a frock made from a cast-off sack, barely decent and no less malodorous than the beggar’s rags.” (Or how about this: “Idiots! I know how he escaped — you didn’t check the cat’s pockets, did you? Thrice-cursed fools! To the Evilmobile!”) And how about pet fashion — brands — sexual fetishes? (“Such a sad case; likes to dress in dog clothing.”)

— and this is why I scare even myself a bit every time a thought springs up, malformed out of my forehead like some monster Athena.

2 Responses to “On naked pets”

  1. Allison Reynolds Says:

    Why Sir, you mistake us, we have been naked through-out time. We enjoy the free and easy lifestyle of nakedness.

    Actually this mutation pops up every 20 years or so in cats and was mentioned back in the 18th Century certainly.

    I do like the idea of the cat pocket get away. Quite devious!

  2. masksoferis Says:

    Every 20 years? Oy. It seems every time I hear someone talk of cats, I discover interesting (and slightly unsettling) things I never even suspected.

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