Prayer (n.) A time-out to ponder all the myriad things that are going around oneself; a bit of consideration and reappraisal; thinking with your mouth either shut or open.

God (n.) The ultimate power of the universe; the universe itself; human goodness; the nice, dandy and desirable things and their ideal representations in various cultural traditions.

Religion (n.) That which creates community and enables that community to be in touch to its past; a shared set of cultural traditions; some people doing something either together or alone.

Spirituality (n.) Appreciating the good things in life; a liking for a spot of art now and then; a general willingness to experience nice things just because they’re nice.

Why, redefinitions like this would make religion reasonable and nice, if they didn’t make Pokemon into a religion!

(Some of these came up in a thread in Pharyngula.)

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