Bear clock

Because you deserve to know: when I start my Firefox over at the university, it automatically opens three pages: Wikipedia, the home page of my university, and, um, this mathematical site.

When it hits around quarter-million, I start to think about when to call it quits for that day.

(While that site is made by a Finn — and tells you all you need to know about Finns — my only connection to it is that of a, um, consumer.)

(Also, as another item of the “What on Earth?” type: Check the answer to this little thing (solve 2x^3 - x - 1 = 0) on Wolfram Alpha; be sure to click “show steps”. Then ask yourself “Do I, too, see a lazy student ambling to the chalkboard with a handful of printouts and a nervous grin? Do I, too, see the teacher watching for the first ten minutes, and then saying ‘Um, the problem actually had a second power, not a third. But a, um, a nice solution anyway.’ Because that’s what this is going to.”)

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