For your viewing pleasure

I hereby note the following web-comics are exceedingly worthy of your patronage:

And I don’t really need to mention xkcd, do I? Because if you are the sort of person that can understand it (math-science-computer geek), you almost certainly have heard about it already.

Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of taking a second WordPress blog, that one with the Monotone theme designed for photo-blogging, and making it into “an irregular webcomic” of my own — I reckon I have at the very least 200 pieces like the following here and there around, half of them unscanned. Not that I could approach the wit or the regularity of those above (much less the audience — but just amusing myself would be reward enough for all this that I do), but due to my monkey nature I can’t see anything beautiful without thinking “maybe I should try doing that myself”.

Insert gross Pygmalion joke here.

"A Fiasco",

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