Three things I can do without

  1. Bicycling in winter, hitting a patch of bright ice; wheels go whirwhirwhir and the bicycler goes “Waah!” and “Crash!”
  2. Bicycling up a steep hill; then a pedal breaks off, and the driver breaks off his grunt of surprise by contacting the asphalt.
  3. Bicycling anywhere at all; then the handlebar goes snap; that snap is next to nothing compared to the snap in the biker’s head as he realizes the painful combination of descent and lithobraking that is to follow.

Number two happened today. Grrr.

Well, the bicycle took no other damage and I only bloodied a knee; and a broken-off pedal is a cheap and quick thing to replace, once I get to… the Bicycle Repairman! (This does not exaggerate my admiration of his skills.)

(I’ve expounded on all I know about bicycling in a Finnish city, and about bicycling generally, before — it took 29 bullet-points — and also hymned about this heirloom bike of mine.)

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