Thyroid storm

For some reason, while most medical terms are consistently baffling, polysyllabic and scary, now and then there’s one that just screams “Reclaim me as a heavy metal band name!”

I’m just noting this one case so that later, when I brainstorm the archives for “band name”, Thyroid Storm will pop up — because someone like me who likes to write stories has to occasionally refer to many made-up things, and both fictious and cool band names aren’t that easy.

The earlier “cool made-up bands, I think” cache goes as follows: Sodomite, Intersphincteric Groove (performs as Hilton’s White Line when in Prudetown), Reckoned Without Naked Mole Rats (from the Selfish Gene), Homocoprophagia (death metal; album art censored) and Stotting. I guess the last plays folk music by the sound of it, but the rest are rockers. (If really troubled for a name, I could hark back to the time I misread Revolting Cocks as Revolving Cocks — that was not an image I wanted in my head, and now it’s in yours. Enjoy!)

And of course mentioning fictious bands with medical name origins I cannot pass the fact that there’s a new CD from Spinal Tap this summer, “Back from the Dead”. And it begins with “give me reincarnation… or give me death!”

This is a very good news.

(And for Thyroid Storm you have to blame the only medical show I watch, House, specifically ep. 3/14, “Insensitive”.)

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