In which I try to personally effect you

I have mentioned J.C. Hutchins before, I think. It was his free podcast-audiobook action-conspiracy-awesomeness trilogy the 7th Son that happened to be my first step into the weird world of podcast books; and I very much liked that first step, thank you very much.

Well, his first actual paper book, Personal Effects: Dark Art, a thriller, is coming out on the ninth — I mention this now because because of some premature inventory-trick my trusty pan-Nordic bookseller listed PE:DA as “available” two minutes ago — and a minute ago I had ordered it — and now I’m here telling you about it. (I suspect the bookshop just means to sit on the order a bit, then mail it out on the ninth, but sure made my day.)

Now, I said “first actual paper book”, but by what Hutchins has told and shown us, it’s way more firsts than just the first paper book of his. It comes with all kinds of small items: faxes, documents, business cards, and the like. They apparently both give a nice tactile feeling to the book (which, while nice, isn’t new), and provide clues and net-based contacts and such which actually enhance the tale in non-trivial ways beyond what’s told in the book without being necessary for enjoying it (which, as far as I know, is both new and exceedingly awesome).

And if my impeccably blameless reporting on the authorial PR isn’t enough to convince you, well, how about a starred review in Publishers Weekly, or a positive one in Library Journal? In the end, of course, you should be skeptical of everything you hear — so maybe you should be skeptical enough to buy the book and see for yourself what the adulation is all about.

When I get the book, and get it read, I may post a review — though by what Hutchins showed in the 7th Son, that review might be just incoherent but very positive gibbering and slobbering, as after the last word of the 7th Son trilogy rolled through my head, for the next five minutes the only thought there was a hushed “Oh, wow” ping-ponging around inside my skull — but meanwhile you, dear reader, could do much worse than visit Hutchins’s site and place a pre-order on Amazon.

One Response to “In which I try to personally effect you”

  1. J.C. Hutchins Says:

    Oh my, how you totally RULE. Thanks so much for the evangelism of “Personal Effects: Dark Art”! I’m thrilled that you’re excited about its release. I hope you enjoy it!


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