More Futurama?

Well, well. Futurama, quite possibly the funniest show I’ve ever seen, might come back to life on Comedy Central.

Having during the last year or so done a bit of targeted DVD-shopping and drool-chinned viewing, including a buttload of Simpsons seasons (the early ones), and all but the latest movie of Futurama, I can say the latter is actually better, mostly because Futurama’s year 3000 has more space (har har) to be unpredictable in: Simpsons is constrained by having to operate in a close replica of the old familiar world of 200X, but Futurama is in the future… and there all can be very much different even when being quite much the same. You can’t just plop down a Hypnotoad or a suicide booth into Springfield without them being glaringly out of place: anything like the concentration of such things in Futurama would make Simpsons into a fantasy and kill it; Futurama, being a fantasy from the beginning, has no such problems.

Also Futurama is colder, crueller… and thus more true to life; Simpsons is now and then prone to forcing a happy resolution just to make the viewer feel good or to push a lesson, which curiously makes me feel less good, and less impressed with its treatment of the subject.

And the world (Hypnotoad!), the characters (Zoidberg!), the concepts (President Nixon’s Head?)… it’s a shame Futurama got cancelled, and a great joy should it now return as something more than a string of movies. If you ask me, it would have been better had the Foxoids cancelled Simpsons and kept Futurama. While both are eeeehxcellent, one just is better.

Finally — “quite possibly the funniest show I’ve ever seen”? Well, I haven’t seen all there is, and don’t have either the time or the plans to see everything, but Futurama is up there with Monty Python’s Flying Circus in wit, invention and cold eclectic charm (and also avoidance of the cheap and easy laughs): and if that doesn’t impress you, you clearly are a person of poor taste.

An update of sorts: All hail Hypnotoad! Phil Plait has a sure confirmation.

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