Just a reminder for today

It’s around 15:20 in Finland; around 8:20 in some part of the land of America. Over there, one J. C. Hutchins, a writer of good books, and a person of delightfully skewed imagination both in the books and outside, has started his all-day blogging extravaganza in honor of the release-day of his Personal Effects: Dark Art (St. Martin’s Griffin), which by all accounts, and my knowledge of his earlier works, is a jolly good thriller.

Go to Amazon and buy it; the power of the Masks of Eris (the pseudonymous blogger) compels thee!

Or maybe the knowledge that the book is something new and original in execution would compel thee — what other book has artifacts of its story with it, physical, tangible calling cards and patient records, that deepen the story in the book, and enhance it by adding bits the protagonists do not notice? Go already.

Still here? Um, would it convince you to listen to me if I said it got a starred review from Publishers Weekly? Now go!

And here in Finland already eight hours ago, in the wee hours of the nightless night of the midnight sun, my bookshop told me my copy is in the mail… and (sigh) will take from two to three days to get to me.

2 Responses to “Just a reminder for today”

  1. J.C. Hutchins Says:

    Hee! Thanks so much for the evangelism and support, my friend. I truly appreciate it. Be patient, re: getting your copy … savor the anticipation. :) Thanks again for the killer blog post!

  2. masksoferis Says:

    Thanks for the thanks; it’s easy to shout out for something and someone you know to be good.

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