And the story goes on…

CNN tells (“Long-lost World War II sub found off Swedish coast”) of a sunken Russian sub, gone down in 1940, and now found in the waters between Finland and Sweden. A nice news item, and even the historical sketch of the time is accurate:

Finland was at war with the Soviet Union at the time the sub sank. A deal between Germany and the Soviets had put the Nordic nation within the Soviet “sphere of influence,” and Soviet troops had invaded Finland late in 1939.

The fighting was mostly confined to Finland’s eastern border. Just two months after the submarine’s sinking, a temporary peace agreement was reached.

Sweden remained neutral in World War II.

Being the garrulous fool I am, I… well, I would like to quote my preciousss Guide to Finland on the time, but that happens to be a) the chapter currently under work, and b) too worryingly wordy already.

Thus I shall restrain myself to attempting to tell what went on after that.

Thus: CNN refers to the good ol’ Winter War of 1939–40, where the Russians (well, really Soviets) attacked and Finns defended; the Russians got a royal bloody nose having not calculated for the intervention of Messrs. Winter and Reality (if invading Russia in winter is a bad idea, invading the almost roadless eastern Finland on the last of November with ski-less, parka-less boys of sunny Ukraine is a catastrophe!); the temporary peace agreement was caused by Finns running out of bullets; but the Russians stayed “confined to Finland’s eastern border”; the border just moved a tenth of Finland westward.

Then in the summer 1941 Finns decided they might as well go east with a bayonet along with this German Adolf H.; and when that Continuation War eventually went belly-up a bout of desperate defense was again necessary, and a similar “peace agreement” followed in 1944, allowing the Russians more freedom in rampaging in more southward regions — no Russians parading on the streets of Helsinki that time either; just a nation trapped between East and West but luckier than the most even if shivering for decades with the cold Cold War urine downpour of realpolitik.

But that in a whole lot longer and more detailed form (without the urine remark) will follow — if I can just get to it — in a few days, if I get the chapter thought-over and proofread a final time.

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