There’s this Norwegian film…


The sci-fi and related things groupblog io9 (which updates almost as often as Pharyngula) has two music videos promoting the Norwegian sort-of-horror movie Dead Snow (Dod Sno).

Whose plot involves happy campers, lots of snow, and Nazi zombies.

And the music videos involve, in the first instance, the said zombies, a chainsaw, a sledge, and two Norwegians; and in the second, a poledancing girl and a piece of music called “My Ass”.

If this is in any way a representative example of Norway, I might have to consider moving there. I have a weird collection of buttons, and those videos managed to dance a tropak on the most of them.

(Er. I wanted to say “danced a ripaska“, but then quickly noticed that that word’s not known outside Finland — apparently Russians and Ukrainians call this dance of theirs tropak or trepak, and dance it a bit differently from what I had in mind — this video was the best example I could find of what I wanted to convey. I found a frightening video of Red Army soldiers performing some kind of a battle-readiness ritual, though.)

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