Whips, ways

I’ve never seen the Rankin-Bass film the Return of the King (1980) — and by some glimpses I’ve seen of the style choices made in it, I suspect I would blow a blood vessel in my brain if I saw it — but this song I came across quite by accident (youtube; “Related videos”) is actually quite catchy.

Well, aside from the absurdity of crooner-voiced orcs croaking to the tune of the background music; and the cartoonish nature of the whole thing. Catchy, yes; Tolkien, no.

Now, the Bakshi Lord of the Rings of 1978 was (and I’m thinking back ten years) a valiant attempt, and with its rotoscoped weirdness quite nice to watch; though by the time it had twenty minutes left and was mired somewhere in Rohan I found myself thinking, with increasingly perverse pleasure, just how they would finish the rest of the thing — and then I got a sudden, unwarned dose of To-Be-Continuitis.

The above movie would have apparently been the conclusion, and much sillier and more deformed than the first part.

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