Bozeman drops

Ha-ha. The Montana city of Bozeman has dropped (another source) its demands to know the logins and passwords of prospective employees because the Internet roared; for an exceedingly tiny roar of mine see the post titled “Bozomen“.

Now, the question of a prospective employer needing your logins and passwords for “any and all current personal or business Web sites, web pages or memberships on any Internet-based chat rooms, social clubs or forums”, and all this for a form called “consent and release to conduct criminal background and reference checks” gives rise to the question: Really; surely you don’t mean to get references through social networks, forums and homepages?

“The comments on Mr. Lastname’s video presentations on the internet service indicate he is a ‘moran’; whether this is a misspelling of the Spanish ‘marron’ or brown, and thus indicates dissembling in the matter of his ethnic background, seems a matter that should be looked into. (This is noted because the person leaving the comment does not, by his spelling and grammar, appear to be a native speaker.)”

“Firstname Lastname is ‘much admired for the inclusive breadth of his vision and his tireless industry’ in the Mother Teresa erotic fanfiction community.”

“According to KillKill666, a friend of Mr. Lastname in the Facebook community, Lastname is ‘teh king’, and ‘defntely a five-starr person’.”

“Upon logging to the FlamerzForumz chat room with Mr. Lastname’s logins and making discreet queries about his personality, this fact-checker was viciously and repeatedly assaulted with insults such as ‘ID theft noob LOLFAIL’, the exact meaning of which is unknown.” 

“It is the opinion of this fact-checker that Mr. Lastname was not fully compliant in providing his passwords, given that mere five minutes after logging in to his website this fact-checker found the system so confusingly constructed it deleted all information instead of providing a clear view of it. In future, the use of the ‘remove this webpage’ button should be limited to removing the confusing interface only. Also, three ‘are you sure?’ prompts seem like too much.”

“This fact-checker was unable to locate the web-forum named ‘’.”

“By the inspection of his mailbox, this investigator notes Mr. Lastname seems to frequently receive advertisements for products that improve sexual performance.”

“By the inspection of her mailbox, this investigator notes Mrs. Lastname seems to frequently receive advertisements for products against erectile dysfunction. This calls to question the true gender of ‘Mrs.’ Lastname; the matter should be discreetly inquired into. The telephone numbers of her neighbors are listed below.”

“Mr. Lastname’s homepage indicates a monomaniacal interest in documenting the lives of his two cats; in addition he seems to be a founding member of a net-based ring of anonymous participants called ‘We love cats’; according to the police department this is not a currently known organization of criminal or sexually depraved nature.”

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