Here’s a downer for your day: there is such a thing as a Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

It’s just as nasty as it sounds like: cat AIDS.

I guess it’s logical that there is such a thing, but… aw, heck. Of all animals (excepting cuddly homo sapiens females) I like cats the best; and I would like to have one as a pet if it wasn’t so inconvenient for both, me being a single in a city, and cats being regal creatures that need lots of space, preferably space without big hurtling-around steel things and bored children. A cat loose in a city would be courting trouble.

I will not even consider the image that flashed in my head of a bicycle helmet with a throne and straps for a cat atop it, or any other cat leash. Dogs I can understand; dogs don’t (to me) exactly radiate independence and intelligence (commence angry comments), but cats have quite the same dignity (or capability for injured pride) as we humans do; and as I’ve never heard of a sadomasochistically submissive kitten, I can see no way a leash on a cat could be anything but an insult, no matter how necessary it was.

Well, there are robo-cats, but they aren’t quite the same and, as in this video, they often seem like something that will go terribly wrong in the very near future, and then the title card “Cathouse Bloodbath” will drop into view.

Now, if all above didn’t disturb you enough, as an ending thought I provide this: cat AIDS and the word “cathouse” brought to my mind a certain awful idea — namely my ignorant thought of “would a cat in heat be calmed by an application of the opposite sex, and would an actual cathouse be illegal in places where human brothels are?” — which then led to even more disturbing depths, where I noticed Wikipedia has no article on “animal contraception”; and then I managed to pull out.

And yes, that last expression was chosen merely to round out the unexpected awfulness of this post.

One Response to “Ailurophilia”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    Many cats are perfectly happy indoors: mine is (quite frankly, he’s a coward). As long as there’s food twice a day, somewhere and someone soft to sit on, and someone to clean the litter tray that’s enough.

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