Transformers 2 was very, very good

Just came from seeing a movie. It was better than this new Star Trek movie; it was better than Angels & Demons and Coraline, both of which I saw this week, and both of which were actually in my opinion very good movies.

And oh, boy, this movie of today was good beyond any of those others. And its name was Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

(A pause is inserted here for you to mutter: “You pulling me leg? You pulling me leg, boy? It admits now and it doesn’t get hurt, okay? Okay?“)

Er, I am not being sarcastic or trying to make some funny point; and I stop to clarify this simply because this is a sequel to a movie about a toy franchise, and a pretty maligned and mocked movie already; hysterically and without any sense of humor or proportion if you ask me.

Well, I always speak the plain unvarnished truth for do I not say I do; and I myself personally say Transformers 2 was two and a half hours of fun, quite pure and expertly made entertaining fun. It was actually funny; cringe-funny and laugh-funny. It was exciting. It blew up half the world! It was brainless and foul-mouthed, yup, but purposefully so, and it gripped and took and rode and left you satisfied, and it was beautiful.

The various snobs are invited to consider fireworks, pure common shoot-up and blow-up fireworks: if they can be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and worth praising even though they do not explode to pictures of Romeo and Juliet or quote motifs from Baudelaire, then might summer movies be an art form of their own, too? Because I think the analogue is apt, and I think too that there’s nothing lowly in two and a half hours of humor and things blowing up; Bayhem is an art the same as fireworks are and I just saw and fully enjoyed a masterpiece.

2 Responses to “Transformers 2 was very, very good”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    I thought it was an art-house movie?

  2. masksoferis Says:

    Oy. That review is every bit as entertaining as the movie itself.

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