Oh their God

From CNN:

“You homosexual demon, get up on outta here!” they say. “You demon, loose yourself!” “You sex demon … you snake!”

Relevant details:

  • “Bridgeport, Connecticut”
  • “Patricia McKinney, pastor of the nondenominational church who describes herself as a prophet, said she […] doesn’t understand the outrage.”
  • “‘We allow [gay people] to come into our church. We just don’t allow them to come in and continue to live that lifestyle,’ she said.”
  • “The shouts, the convulsions, the references to homosexual spirits — they are all captured on a video posted on YouTube by the Manifested Glory Ministries.”
  • “He’s 16 and having the feelings that he’s having, the relationships he’s having, and then [he’s] being tormented by ‘What if I’m going to go to hell because of what I feel and who I am?'” [a sensible person] said.

Nice work, believers.

Note that the reason for pointing out things like this isn’t any silly model of “Hey, I have observed a repugnant religious person — hence and logically irrefutably all religions are evil-bad and there ain’t no God!”

This is not a part of the basic theistic/atheistic argument (“Is there a God, souls, Heavens, etc.?”) either, not beyond the point of “Explain why any god other than Loki would be a better explanation for this slowly shifting so very human morass of opinions, please.”

No, this is one of the basics of the second question, “Regardless of it being true or false, is religion good for you/your neighbor/the society, etc.?”, namely “Is it useful, good and nice to have a millennia-old kaleidoscope book of human guesses, and attendant explanations, as your moral compass? And is that your final answer?”

(The religious formulation of that last question is, actually, “It is useful, good and nice to revere a venerable, again and again re-interpreted collection of sacral traditions of man’s attempts to reach beyond himself and above himself as your moral compass, instead of blindly relying on the fallible intuitions of the fallible modern people who, as you well know, make fallible mistakes; so here’s Frankie Navelgazer channeling Moses on GMOs!”)

(Well, had Moses ever existed, his opinion on GMOs would have most probably been overwhelmingly positive; look here for the horror that is a wild, unbred and undomesticated banana. Quite all “natural” crops and domestic animals are like nothing that’s found wild in nature. Modern GMOs are just continuing the same fiddling with more exact means.)

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