On writing

The blog-writer sits down, belches, scratches head. Takes a mirror, takes a look up his nostril.

Emptiness abounds.

A small length of rubber tubing is employed; the “Yoo-hoo!” sent thereby to the intracranial hollowness rebounds and echoes.

“The second week of holidays”, the blog-writer mutters. “Only the second week, and my brain is gone already.”

Meanwhile, the Tallinn Brain Spa. The brain is telling another how glad it is to be apart from that ghastly blog-scribbler, even for a while. And how good mineral water is on the ol’ anterior median fissure of the medulla oblongata.

And this is how you generate a blog post when you don’t have anything to say. The reader who has more time to spend than this post took, is directed to the dangerously addictive world of TV Tropes.

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