A flash of genius

Was, for reasons unrelated to homosexual attentions, in a public toilet today. (The preceding might be the most subject-derailing first sentence ever. I apologize.)

There saw — and I translate from Finnish to English for the reader’s probabilistic convenience — a sign like this:


the reason being that here in posh Finland, in this one particular toilet anyway, there’s a richer, and also stiffer, sort of paper for the drying of washed hands, with a separate waste basket for it.

The point of this little post is the addendum someone with a sharpie had scrawled on the note:

“What about shit?”

And humor like this is why, even with the absence of sexual attentions of any sort, and the presence of all kinds of aesthetic deficiencies, public bathrooms are always a pleasure to visit.

(Oh, and writing this post I — ask not how or why — came across the Wikipedia articles on toilet grannies, defecation postures and toilets in Japan. If I dream tonight, them’s gonna be some really strange ones.)

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