Neko and granny

This is the sort of thing I do to amuse myself:

Go to Wikipedia. Go to the article “Cat“. (Notice the article “Sex organ of cat“; ignore that, and the talk-page comment “Why does this only cover female sex organs? The male ones are important too.”) Go, through the eerie power of hyperlinks, to the corresponding Cat-article in Japanese ( Wikipedia. (The link is in the sidebar, indexed under nihongo, but it’s them kanji squiggles that might or might not show properly in your computer; that shouldn’t effect this trick). Copy the article title. (Most probably it’s neko, but it’s them kanji thingamajickers again.) Go to Youtube. Paste to the search box. Click. Spend an hour watching Japanese pet cat videos.

Because, as far as I know, everything is better with Japan in it. Even Scottish Fold cats:

Also, in other news, Charles Stross is working, after much bebotherment, on a novel provisionally titled “Rule 34”. My reaction can be described as orgasmic horror.

Which, now that I think about it, sounds like an actual novel genre as well, though not one likely to be seen decorating a shelf in your local bookshop any time soon. (“Health, Fantasy and Orgasmic Horror”?)

To get that image (“Granny Tentacle and the Skin Industry” by Lecheria Pseudonym?) out of your head, here’s a looong interview of Patrick Rothfuss, who wrote the Name of the Wind, a book that I gladly give the St. Eris of Discordia Anonymous Internet Nobody Seal of Approval with Extra Flippers.

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