Off, and nature path 1

Well, I’m quite soon off to gallivant around for a few days, visiting eldritch shrines to the gods of Cthulhu, binding-glue and moé, and gawp at buildings old and big; the usual Hell-sinkish summertime money-bleeding visit of hedonism and tourist imitation, that is. (And yes, I could say “off to Helsinki for a few days, mostly to buy books and relax” — but what’s the fun in that?)

I most probably won’t have much (if any) access to internet, so the next few posts are a series of sorts: I was lured to take a walk in the woods yesterday, and some of the snaps I took succeeded, so: pictures of Finland.


This first image has a wooden construct in it: the Finnish word for this is pitkospuut, which defies translation; they’re the equivalent of a footpath when a path needs to go across a stretch of swamp.

Because, you know, you can’t walk across and you can’t swim across, and floundering and cursing is not the most efficient mean of locomotion.

This second image puts the first in position: this wooden footpath goes across a swamp as a part of a nature trail of seven kilometers or so in a rather quiet national park far away from everything.


And more tomorrow, along the pitkospuut towards the foresty horizon.

(On absences and photos: Not that this is the first time I’ve done this sort of a thing, you know.)

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