The truth?

Yikes. The cover has been blown. George R. R. Martin has been in Finland and he has seen the truth:

Finncon was terrific. The warmth and hospitality we’ve found here has completely ruined my image of Finland as a frozen wasteland. Who knew? The sauna was fun too. And then there were all the cute anime girls in costume offering free hugs…

This I note because

  1. Finland is a frozen wasteland period. And the winter is coming.
  2. GRRM is a good writer, and it makes me all warm inside he liked Finland. (And now run to pick up a copy of A Game of Thrones; I command thee.)
  3. This gives me the change to link to something that seems likelier every day, and makes me hope it would really happen: a HBO series based on A Game of Thrones. (The only reason I even dare to dream is that apart from the Illuminatus! trilogy most of the entertainment high points of my childhood and youth-hood have been filmatized lately, with the Lord of the Rings movies, the comic book movie boom and all. Illuminatus, well, I’m not holding my breath.)
  4. Well, I wasn’t at the Finncon; my almost-every-year trip to Helsinki, to worship at the altar of the main branch of Fantasiapelit, didn’t coincide, but imagine. George R. R. Martin and Alastair Reynolds in Finland. Insert a current youth expression describing awed reverence here.

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