Nature path 4

A nature path in Somewhere, Finland — a much better choice of a placebo than a naturopath.

First, and finally: some forest. Plenty of pine, but no apples. Trees probably wind-felled; I don’t think hooligans would go forty kilometers by car and four by foot just to knock down a few non-threatening conifers.

And bears don’t do that. No. Finnish bears are small, cuddly, and harmless. Don’t fear the bears, come to Finland. The Cult of the Food Chain-Topping Bear has not paid me for this message, and doesn’t exist.


Secondly, more forest. (This is Finland, after all: the land of trees and more trees. In wintertime the land of snow and more snow.) Sometimes trees just die standing up, and when they do, they don’t look any less grand.

By the way, you might just guess why the flag of Finland is blue and white.


More tomorrow.

One Response to “Nature path 4”

  1. bookjunkie Says:

    gorgeous scenary :) I lack nature where I’m from.

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