Headstones and longlists

A thought: It will be a great opportunity lost if, when that becomes a matter to be handled, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tombstone doesn’t read “I’ll be back.”

Another one? Well, if you insist. Saw most of Apollo 13 today, and thought: Jim Lovell, oh, Jim Lovell, no offense but your stone would be so hilarious with “Houston, we have a problem.”

I know. Terrible person.

And a divider goes here; since the Beings of WordPress are ceaseless in their toils and in excellence without equal, they’ve magicked up an archive shortcode that, among other things, allows one to list all of one’s blog-posts in a single HTML list. That looong (600+) list is below.

There don’t seem to be options yet for reversing the order (its newest highest now), or listing date and categories after the post; but the lowest is the first post, autumn of 2007. (Golly. Second blogiversary next month.) Still, the people of WordPress are brilliant, nice and entirely made of candy and chocolate, so I may have something better for that historical 21st day. (I’ve actually entertained the idea of doing a list like this manually, but… you know, even I don’t have that sort of a free time. Or tech wizardry.)

Here goes:

Goodness I’ve been busy.

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