Last of days

A few stray thoughts from the panic of the last day of my holiday.

  • Never knew the British called loudspeakers a “tannoy system”. Now do know. Now don’t know what I’ll ever do with that knowledge.
  • The Finnish army has universal male conscription. This is a soddin’ disgrace. If we’re having universal conscription let’s have it for boys and girls both. This thought is fueled in me by a perverse sense of equality, and an even worse fetishistic want to see more women in uniform. Reserve junior sergeant, out.
  • Today got a message from the university library: the distance-ordered Book X has arrived, and tomorrow I get to check just what on Earth those lemmas vaguely hinted to be therein actually are. Unless the book is empty pages, each page repeating this text: “When you need a result but cannot prove it, roll dice for page and attribute to a lemma in this work. This work has been supported by Science Academy of Evil grant #100666.”
  • When I get a bit of time to iron out the how, I’m ordering Dara O’Briain’s DVD. And then some people say Youtube is bad for copyright holders; my bollocks, on my behalf it’s been several hundred euros good for whoever run the legacies of George Carlin and Bill Hicks already. Obscurity is what kills creative work; those that aren’t obscure can take the losses of piracy. (And that’s “proof by bald assertion”.)
  • Looking back on my holiday, I didn’t do much anything. Watched a lot of Beck and Derrick, read some good books, slept, wrote my most conceptually disturbing blog post so far, and that’s about it. For some reason this makes me very happy; if you stress over your holidays, you’re doing it wrong. Better do your big scheduling-hunk things like NaNoWriMo when you’re on schedule-time anyway.

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