And this is called “the dumb weeder”

Because of an excess of free time happened across an official mock test for those that want to become UK citizens and thus have to memorize random snippets of insanely accurate trivia; there found this question that, when viewed with a logical eye, immediately screams: “There’s one choice that out of pure logic, without any knowledge of the matter, simply cannot be one of the two!”

Which TWO of the following can vote in all UK public elections?

  • Citizens of the Irish Republic resident in the UK
  • Citizens of EU states resident in the UK
  • Citizens of the Commonwealth resident in the UK
  • Anyone resident in the UK

Proof. If the last one was true, all four would have to be true. As only two of the four are true, the last cannot be true. (Well, it would be entirely too cruel if the answer was “any two of these”. But since they don’t hate mathematicians in the UK as far as I know, I don’t think so.)

Oh, and I failed. Got 11 out of 24. My knowledge of the meaning of a by-election was no guarantee of success. However it raised the thought that I have no idea whatsoever what is done in Finland when a by-electionlike situation arises. This is a deeply troubling thought.

(Test found by the way of the blog of Charles “go read this man’s books!” Stross.)

One Response to “And this is called “the dumb weeder””

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    I failed too: 16 out of 24, luckily I already have my UK passport. A couple of other questions also only had one logical answer.

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