Quote for today XX

Plus, I found that the corporate culture made me itch: you can put the hippie in a suit, but you can’t put the suit mind-set into a hippy. Not that I’m a hippy, exactly — more like a somewhat oblate goth — but the point stands.

(Charles Stross)

A snippet from Charles Stross’s “non-tech autobiography”, which was a fascinating read at 25 000 words.

Even more so since I just couldn’t stomach the idea of reading it from the screen, and so grabbed the HTML from his blog, ran it through Mobipocket Creator (and was shocked when nothing went KERPLAASH!), rammed the .prc into my Bookeen Cybook Gen3, and read it there as if it had been printed down. Total time ten minutes of happy tinkering and a few hours of happier reading.

Strange how I can feel nostalgic about a time I never really knew and that passed by when I was only a foolish child and a teen. (I was born in 1982, the same year as the first computer virus.) I wonder if the eighties-nineties computer circles are distant enough for people to start writing historical novels set then anytime soon?

And now I’m off to order a copy of Wireless. It’s worth the price for A Colder War alone: a mind that can wrestle Cthulhu into a Cold War setting is demented enough for my tastes.

(Also, I guess he means the geometrical and not the theological definition of “oblate”.)

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