Two good guesses a day is too much

Yesterday morning was warm and sunny, so I threw a vest over a t-shirt, jumped on my bicycle, and rolled the few kilometers to the university.

And when the day’s work was done, it was all overcast and cold with biker-following patches of intense rain. I was not very amused when I finally got back to my hole in the wall; as usually, I had been able to dodge the rain until the last kilometer or so, and then the skies ripped open like the drool of a mad god.

Today, the morning was overcast, gloomy and cold, and it had been raining all night. Thus I natural put a jacket on, an umbrella in my back pocket, and ran to the bus stop dodging the drizzle.

And when the time came to head back — yep, guessed it: achingly brilliantly blue sky, and a sun blazing down with a vengeance. The only clouds in view were fluffy and entirely non-threateningly non-rainy ones. It got really warm walking back to the bus stop; warmer still thinking this would have been the perfect day to bicycle around and feel the wind on your face.


I’d guess no matter which way the morning is and no matter what clothing and locomotion I choose, I’ll get slapped on the way back. Probably tomorrow evening sataa vanhoja mummoja hameet levällään, like it’s said in my family, “it’ll rain little old ladies with their skirts spread wide”.

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