“Worse than cancer”

Just came from seeing Brüno, the Sacha Baron Cohen movie.

Think about rollercoasters, okay? People shriek, raise hands to cover their faces, dread the next turn and scream in terrified appreciation when it comes — well, that’s rollercoasters, that’s horror movies, and that’s Brüno. You need a certain subtly self-flagellatory mindset (which is not a bad thing, mind you) to enjoy it.

Actually, Brüno was a mash-up of a rollercoaster and a horror movie, with the hand- and hair-raising heedless drive of the former, and the yawning-gulfs-beneath-commonday-things mindset of the latter.

“Good taste” is a convention, okay? Not DragonCon, but something duller. But every convention attracts the equivalent of a fifty-something overweight hairy man dressed as Sailor Moon running around, knowing exactly what he does. And for the convention called Good Taste, that’s Brüno.

And, uh, I actually immensely enjoyed the film.

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