Gundam wedding

Once again the Japanese show us that things can be done differently: A wedding held beneath a giant robot statue.

Personally, if I had to choose between a droning clerk/priest and a giant battle mechanoid to oversee and overshadow my hypothetical wedding… it’d be an easy one. (“And, honey, I reserved the interior of the robot for two weeks for our honeymoon. Isn’t that awesome? Aw, why did you hit me?”)

There clearly may be a market for weddings themed after the devotions and obsessions of the people getting married, not their religion. (A Harry Potter theme — matrimonius initiatus, the Boy Who Married?)  Not just (or exactly) as gimmicks or jokes, but because that is what the people involved sincerely care about and want to flaunt; big marriage ceremonies are a production anyway. Why shouldn’t such a production reflect the people in the center of it? (Okay, “People’d call us loons and not come” is a pretty sharp answer. Apparently your special moment is the best if it’s the same as that of everyone else.)

You ask me, getting me into a suit and a noose tie is as much dress-up and false-facing as smearing glue to my face and throwing a rug over my shoulder to look like a Klingon. Though of course grannies all over the world might not agree with me on this; I have hard time imagining conservative grandmotherly types in a nudist wedding. (A Babylon 5 theme — “Who are you?” “Jack Lastname.” “What do you want?” “To marry this woman.”)

(First seen on Boing Boing.)

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