A glorious day

My buying of digital music used to be like this:

  1. Go to Netanttila Download, download and pay the file.
  2. Look at the DRM-infested, misshapen little retard of a file you got, trapped in its clunky, useless husk of a player program.
  3. Take a drink.
  4. Curse the evil little gnomes that treat their customers like criminals while their aggravating fumblings are no better than a lock in a glass door, and no nicer than a dog turd on a Picasso.
  5. Have a “you wouldn’t steal a car” flashback.
  6. Several more drinks.
  7. Burn the infested, infected file to a blank CD, using the player program (“You can do this 3 more times! And transfer this file to a music player 4 more times!”), to create a “normal” music CD.
  8. Rip the said CD to get free, delicious, unprotected MP3s.
  9. Have a moment of quivering doubt about the legality of these  actions, quickly eclipsed by towering indignant rage at the buffoons that don’t let you own what you’ve paid for.
  10. Slot the MP3s to Winamp; never touch the “official” files ever, ever again.
  11. Sacrifice a goat and pray to Tsathoggua for Cory Doctorow’s success.
  12. Mail the goat head to the next record company executive or DRM defender on the list.
  13. Enjoy the music.

Now, as my music seller of choice has made the wise and human choice (link to announcement in Finnish) and switched to unprotected MP3s, I can henceforth skip steps 2–11.

Er, I mean 2–12.

Well, maybe not 3. And not 11.

I predict my next post shall be bitter moaning as some hidden flaw in this revision reveals itself the moment I try to buy something.

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