Unsolicited questions

or, once again, the Google hits that got me

is shrillily a word? — Certainly not. Only a woefully miseducated ignoramus would —

Wait, this was a hit onto my blog?

Yes, “shrillily” is a word. Nothing wrong with it.

phd advisor problems and phd adviser problems — Go read this. It’ll either evoke recognition, or soothe your pain.

cat masks and ears for submissive — Are you silly? There’s nothing submissive about cats. In all the lists of all the animals that have ever been used as bywords for slavery, servitude and inferiority, there’s not a single mention of cats. Cats are gods. Mice, on the other hand, are timid, submissive and have a yank-worthy leash-like tail hanging from the general vicinity of their groin. Go for that instead.

penguins in a explosion — On behalf of the Antarctic Liberation Front of Pnaak, I cannot confirm or deny any reports of this nature.

However, as a private person I wish to express my loyalty towards and support for the brave freedom struggle of penguinkind against their unpenguinic hu-man oppressors. While loss of life is naturally regrettable, the present dialogue is simply inadequate: there are no penguins in the UN, or even in the Antarctic Oversight Committee. These bombings will continue until the following three basic demands are met: a) No more infringing on the privacy of penguinkind; no more “hilarous” documentaries of “funny” penguins. No more intrusive, voyeristic filming of penguin children. b)  No more unlicensed use of the penguin image and likeness in denigrating, stereotyping, speciesist ways. All penguins do not like the cold, eat fish, or engage in humorous antics. Neither do we transform into ice cream cones in a delightful swirl of color and noise. c) Death to the imperialist liemonger and agent of speciesist revisionism Terry “Stooge of the Entertainment-Industrial Complex” Jones.

holiest place on earth — Well, traditionally this has been Jerusalem, but an analysis of the local weather patterns has revealed that, supposing the holiness is determined by the statistical average centerpoint of the particles of matter present in the place during the holiness-inducing periods, and supposing standard wear, tear and friction on the buildings and such, plus erosion, the holiest place on earth is presently located roughly 2.4 km north-west of the port of Haifa, 0.8 km above the level of the sea there, and it’s moving c. 0.1 km north-eastwards each year.

opposite of gullible — Aye, that be “skeptical”.

opposite of gullable — Er, “good spelling”?

savonians talk lot — Yeah, but they say very little. Savonians, for those that don’t know, are a Finnish tribe and dialect settled (very broadly speaking) around the city of Kuopio*, and known for their confounding honesty and their incredible unwillingness to say anything straight and simple. (Full disclosure: your dear author grew up around there; that may explain a lot.)

*, “Kuopio” : One of my proudest amateur linguist achievements was realizing that Kuopio could be arbitrarily linked to the verb “kuopia” or “make grooves in a sandy surface”; soon after that I realized the foul local town of Nilsiä sounded just like a noun for the red spot you get from scratching your skin too much. Thus ever after I’ve decided that if anyone asks, the place-names Kuopio and Nilsiä can be translated as “Scratchy” and “Itchy”.

The less is said about the town of Pöljä, which without any linguistic trickery is a rather common Finnish word corresponding to “dunce”, the better. I suspect the Swedish-speaking cartographers asked the named from the next village over (Siilinjärvi) and were fooled.

(This “what’s the name of that other village over there” model of cartography explains many names, I think. “Let’s look at them new maps, Marguerity. Let’s see if we’re called Herotown or Heroicstown — them bigwigs down in Helsinki must have decided on that — what, Dunce? What? Why? How? Death to the people of Siilinjärvi!”)

weird mathematical terms — How about the Cox-Zucker machine? There is no way that term was coined with a straight face.

fate chance and luck — All three terms used by people with an insufficiently statistical view of the world.

rule 34 adam and jamie — And I had almost forgotten that damned picture. Thanks for dredging that up. Now I shan’t sleep or get a hard-on for a week, again.

things to remember in school — Okay, here’s what I learned once upon time.

  1. Everyone lies.
  2. If you show even the tiniest smidgen of fear, they will tear you to pieces.
  3. You can’t punish a bully for whom all the punishments are badges of distinction and pride.
  4. Here’s a point to dwell on: the social dynamics of a school aren’t that far from those of a prison. Just be happy they let you sleep and shower elsewhere.
  5. You know those people who think fondly back to their schooldays? That’s dementia.

zoonecrophilia — Not illegal as far as I know. Indulge yourself.

(Look in this post for a collection of the previous answerings.)

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