The best webcomics I know are, in no particular order, xkcd, Subnormality, Wulff Morgenthaler and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Wouldn’t probably bring that factoid up, but I cannot abstain from raving about the outstanding, consistently excellently funny and original humor of the videos (partly) from the brain of the maker of the fourth, at SMBC Theater. As an example, the Ultimate Staring Contest:

Best of all, the videos (sketches? bits? snippets? what’s the proper word?) are just as long as they need to be and not one second longer. If you ask me, the easier way to kill humor is to stretch it, because it’s a looong vale between not so funny anymore and suddenly funny again.

(And since I have no shame, I have something like a webcomic too: Lemmata. Hope springs eternal and all.)

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