A recommendation: HPL Literary Podcast

H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast sounds stuffy, but it isn’t. It’s a podcast with each episode about a Lovecraft story, with dramatically read bits, analysis and commentary, and it’s funny, smart and (in my layman opinion) very, very well produced. (Well, I would say “shiny”, but that’s a vague, almost unnameable adjective.)

Actually, the praise treadmill being what it is, I amend myself. It’s a very funny, very smart, very entertaining podcast that’s to my ears like silk is to the skin of a lady. It’s like chocolate to my ears, except it doesn’t make me think “Why am I pushing chocolate into my ears? And why do I derive so much pleasure from it?”

Nah, superb and well-chosen subject matter, smart talking, a wonderful sound — and best of all, a sense of humor. (Well, two senses of humor. Don’t want to provoke feuding between the hosts.)

* * *

Looking back at the things I’ve recommended now and then, they make a quite varied bunch: Klinger’s the New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, Kristoph Klover an’ rare Tolkien an’ Steinman’s Pandora’s Box an’ Snodgrass’s Edge of Reason, the Secret History of Star Wars, the Geologic Podcast, Sabaton’s Art of War, and Lynch’s Lies of Locke Lamora.

Well, I’m still willing to recommend them all — with a little bit of doubt about the Edge of Reason; I have to read it again sometime, since I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the ending on the first read — and so, if a word from a shapeless, unspeaking horror sways you, please do and get. (Sure I’m shapeless. Totally out of shape. And, proverbially, Finns don’t speak. Get?)

I just wonder what those recommendations (all of the type “I just came across this, consumed and was consumed, and loved it!”) tell of me? I myself would say “a delightful old chap really, with tastes tending towards the obscure and the unpretentious” — someone more detached might not be so nice. (“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn about your recommendations.”)


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