How dare you speak, etc.


You read an article that says a sensible thing (“honestly, if you ask me to do my job for free for your benefit, you’re a dick for asking and assuming I will comply; I’m not a dick for saying no.”), and then you look in the comments.

It’s a fiesta of non sequitur insults down there; wade in and with a shiver think that these flesh beings are closer relatives than the feces-flinging baboons of Sumatra. Most howls are not really disagreements, even: just random insults. (Basically on the level of “You are a dick. And now I will gratuitously insult you and your profession.”, except with more invective.)

Also, it’s weirdly disorienting that the comments are evenly divided between these:

You’re spot on! Oh this needed to be said so very much. If only people would just get this. You’re my hero.

And these:

HOW DARE YOU SPEAK! You are a dick, and also have failed in life in the following seven ways which I will now expound on, having pulled them out of my rectum with a grand flourish. As for your arguments, they are irrelevant because I am angry. You must be mental because you disturb my world of happiness and flowers and you also have a face like an unshaved anus.

Quotes simulated, but entirely representative.

(Also, you read an article/blog-post saying much the same for a different field, by John Scalzi (“On the asking of favors from established writers“), and you see the comments twin into a) agreement and b) a discussion on which reasons for being obsessed with donkey balls are natural. Overall, I prefer Scalzi’s people.)

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