Curiosity is my God

Related to PZ gutting a silly Fish who said curiosity was a bad thing:

I wish to say that Curiosity is my God.

All good we mortals have, have we achieved by the worship of her, by piling endless things newly discovered at her feet.

Through her guidance our ignorance has turned to knowledge; our fear and hate have turned to understanding and tolerance; our poorness and misery have turned to a state godlike to those of our ancestors that first knapped flint against flint, idly wondering if that would be of any use.

Through her, and her only, have we risen, fallen, and risen again, jaggedly sawing upwards on the inclines of knowledge, comfort and happiness. Though some would call Happiness the supreme god, we prefer Curiosity, for it is better to strive and doubt and know and question all than to be happy, certain, uninterested in thought and wrong. Those that prefer happiness pure can shove a needle into a vein of theirs, or by some other drug or God enjoy the blinding bliss of ignorance; we who follow Curiosity, the god of our fancy, prefer a worship that takes us into places new and sights unseen. We prefer webs flung to tie the world into grand shifting patterns of motion and light instead of spinning cocoons of denial and delusion to shield us from the world’s discord.

Though our pursuit of her has led us into disasters, she has stood still beckoning behind them; and by crawling after her we have gained understanding of our mistakes, and risen beyond them, wiser on suffering and on the ways to avoid it. Those who call Our Lady of Perpetual Questions a cold-hearted god forget that curiosity breeds knowledge, and knowledge breeds compassion; all our laws and dictates of love and care would be cruel and selfish half-formed things if we would not have chased after the question of how to best treat our fellow wo/men and all of life.

And yet it is not the many-faceted and many-faced usefulness of her discoveries or the pursuit of those elusive, surprising profits that makes us her followers and slaves: no, we follow her because there is a thrill in discovery, whether you are the first or the millionth to know; because the joys of understanding eclipse thousandfold the tawdry phantom beauties of mysticism and fideistic follies; and we follow her because to do otherwise would be something that can only be called death.

Curiosity is my God, and I shall have no other Gods. I am willing to argue for her delights over those of anything else; but now I must go because I realize I know next to nothing about the knapping of flints, and I am curious.

And while all this poetic hyperbole might not be actually, factually true, it’s better than gullibly taking the alternative God Mr. Fish seems to prefer.

One Response to “Curiosity is my God”

  1. Iason Ouabache Says:

    Very well said. Fish’s article wanted me to beat him around the head with a blunt object. How can anyone in this century possibly be that willfully ignorant?

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