Someone with (open) balls

Observation: I’d really like it if someone with the required attitude, training and focus would start something like the fantasy below. Listen, I don’t know; but certainly like.

* * *

We do not podcast for the everyman.

We will not shy away from formulas and arcane symbols. Hell, we’ll expect you to cope with us reading aloud multiline inequalities without a single pause, because we won’t pander at ya.

We don’t deal with “quirky”, “weird”, “fun”, or (God help us) “everyday examples”. We don’t do examples. We propose and we prove. If that’s too tought for ya, go get the Winnie the Pooh podcast instead, ya sissy.

We don’t truck with anything “hot”, “topical” or “interesting”, either. We don’t do chaos theory, probability paradoxes or anything, anything about primes. If Hölder’s inequality isn’t good enough for ya, get thee elsewhere you vapid little baboon.

This is the Fucking Real Mathematics Podcast. Sit down, you grungy little epsilon, and listen.

Let n be a natural number…

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